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When the cat's away, the choir will play! Guest conductor Ivan Patterson works with Nota Bene to present a concert of classic(al) songs by Flying Nun and others, including a special collaboration with Wellington indie band Mermaidens.

Look Blue Go Purple, Prince, Flight of the Conchords, David Bowie 

Chris Knox, Amy Winehouse, Radiohead, The Crocodiles...Nota Bene goes far, wide and close to home to bring choral arrangements of some of the most beloved popular classic(al) songs, bridging the gap that often exists between the classical choral community and popular music, particularly New Zealand popular music.

Nota Bene will present many songs from the popular realm that have never before been sung by a choir. The project will also highlight the songwriting skills of emerging Wellington songwriter Gussie Larkin of Mermaidens through a collaboration between the choir and her band.

Choral music is sometimes seen as appealing mostly to older audiences, but sharing music can be enjoyed by people of all ages. This concert, with its emphasis on choral renditions of music written and performed by young New Zealand musicians, will bring the appreciation and rewards of choral music to a broader cross-section of the community. Besides, it's fun singing such great songs!


Guest conductor Ivan Patterson,

with guest artists Wellington indie band Mermaidens

Sacred Heart Cathedral, Hill St

3:00pm, Sunday 30 July 2017

Tickets now on sale at Eventfinder

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