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Fantastical myths and legends from every corner of the globe recount our histories and set out to explain the mysteries of our natural (and supernatural) world. 


From Greek myths and tales from Māori folklore, stories of Robin Hood and his Merry Men, the wretched witches from MacBeth, to scary ghost stories, we continue to share these stories to keep the mysteries and curiosities alive in our imaginations. Not surprisingly, these myths, mysteries and legends have provided rich material for poets and composers, traversing the spooky through to the sublime, retelling cautionary-tales of wisdom and utterly fanciful fables to all who listen.

In our second concert of the year, Nota Bene presents contemporary musical settings of these well-known tales. These include texts by the metaphysical poet Andrew Marvell depicting the mythical birth and heavenly celebration of Musick, an evocative poem by Hildegard von Bingen—in which she describes her experience of the revelation of a divine figure—and four settings of text from Shakespeare’s plays—including sharing the culinary quagmire of three hideous, yet prophetic witches!

The choir is excited to present unfamiliar works from Finland (Kaivonkatsoja), Mexico (La Llorona), and Oceania, including Karanga Ākau, by NZ composer Fergus Byett, retelling the legend of Pania and the Reef.

Under the direction of Shawn Condon, with guest accompanists and presented in the atmospherically ethereal space of Courtenay Creative (49 Courtenay Place), this is definitely a concert not to miss!


Musick of the Spheres

7.30pm 29 October 2022

Courtenay Creative (49 Courtenay Place)


Tickets: $35 full, $30 concession, $20 student and school children free.

Available now from Humanitix

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