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Crave for Connection

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Neuroscience tells us that our need for connection is as fundamental as our need for food and water. 

Connection can be found in those moments when you are having a personal conversation about what is important to you and feeling listened to and understood; taking the time to listen to someone else and feeling real empathy for them.


But it is also feeling connected to nature and feeling your full body relax, or listening to music and feeling that you must move to the music.


We are wired to connect, we crave to connect—it is our ticket to wellbeing and health.


This concert has been put together during a time when these connections were disrupted due to Covid. We couldn’t just meet up to chat; meet to practice our religion, dance or sing together; we couldn't just travel and see, feel, be with our nearest and dearest.


But it's not just during these trying times. In some ways we feel more connected than ever thanks to technology, but are we really connecting? Is sending a text, sharing our story on facebook a true connection?


Through music and poetry, this concert explores the emotions and feelings of connection:

Love—Whitacre's Five Hebrew Love Songs

Music—I sing, you sing, we all sing

Nature—The Evening PrimroseEarth Song

Spirit—Bleib bei uns: Stay with us, even when it gets dark.

Come and connect with us and each other...

6.30pm Sunday 19 June

St Andrews on the Terrace

Tickets $30, $25 (concession) and schoolchildren free. On sale via Eventfinda

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