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with Jubilate Singers, conducted by Grant Hutchinson


Nota Bene was invited to join with Christchurch's Jubilate Singers in a performance of Mendelssohn's Elijah, the most popular of all Mendelssohn’s compositions and one of the most well-known oratorios in the repertoire.


Mendelssohn uses various Biblical episodes to produce intensely — almost luridly — dramatic scenes. Among the tales is the resurrection of a dead youth, the bringing of rain to parched Israel through Elijah's prayers, the ‘contest of the gods’ and the bodily ascension of Elijah on a fiery chariot into heaven.


Elijah was presented by the Jubilate Singers, Nota Bene (Wellington), Bel Canto (Burnside High School) and accompanied by the Jubilate Orchestra. The soloists are Sue Densem (soprano), Leisa Falconer (contralto), Oliver Sewell (tenor) and David Griffiths (bass).


The performance was directed by Grant Hutchinson.

Some brief selections of the performance are available on YouTube.


















Saturday 7 September 7.30pm

Christchurch Transitional Cathedral


Thanks to the Four Winds Foundation for supporting Nota Bene's participation in this concert.


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