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Freedom & Captivity: Refugees and Exiles

Saturday 1 October

St Andrews on the Terrace


A concert for our times, with music spanning more than three centuries capturing the emotion of being alienated from society – as exiles, captives, refugees or pilgrims. 

Bach and Arvo Pärt provide contrasting but powerful treatments of the text Out of the depths I have cried to thee, O Lord. Gillian Whitehead captures the bewilderment and anger of Te Whiti and his companions facing a military response to their peaceful protest. 

Tippett’s beautiful arrangements of spirituals from A Child of Our Time give voice to the plight of African American slaves, while Verdi’s famous opera chorus Va pensiero was recognised virtually from the date of its composition as a plea for liberation as relevant to contemporary society as to the captive Israelites who sing it in Nabucco.

With guest artists Douglas Mews, and a Baroque Workshop from the New Zealand School of Music with Samantha Owens on Baroque Oboe. 

TIckets are now available online

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